We are Not your average eSport video game!


What is DNAeSports?

A Gaming App company...

DNAeSports.com is a new eSports gaming company. We are proud to say, "We are Not your average eSport video game...”

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop mobile and social video games for adults who enjoy playing “A Game of Skill, A Game of Challenge” in our worldwide eSports Tournaments.

Win Cash

Our players and teams can win Real CA$H. We are headquartered in New York City. DNAeSports.com will be Promoting and Sponsoring eSports Tournaments: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and our Annual Show Down / Grand Finale Game held every year in December.



Who We Are

Think of DNAeSports.com Tournaments as (e.g. "March Madness,” "The Sweet Sixteen,” “The Final Four”) in our Semi- Finals Bracket Game Tournaments, but for adults.

Our Consumers are the actual Players and the potential Cash Prize game winners. Our Demographics are persons ages 18 and up, our targeted Customer base and Players are (e.g. avid Lottery Players, Online Casino Players, DraftKings, FanDuel, Barstool, BetMGM and Caesars Players, or anyone who loves a Game of Challenge etc...)

About Us

DNAeSports.com is an American eSports Tournament, Casual Gaming, Development and Publishing Company.
DNAeSports.comTM mission is to build and create a global community experience through playing Casual / Hyper-Casual games.
DNAeSports.comTM will publish numerous Casual games based on both licensed properties as well as original content.

DNAeSports.comTM will help connect the world through Tournaments, Fun and Winning Easy Cash while playing within our worldwide community via our Casual / Hyper-Casual Games and Gaming Experience.


*We all know Apple did not create the Cell Phone Industry or the Music Industry. Apple made them both much better, easier & more Fun. (*e.g. iPhone, iTunes, Apple Music and the iPod / Mp3 Player.)

This is exactly what DNAeSports.comTM will do for the eSports Tournaments and the Gaming Industry.

We will Re-Invent eSports Tournaments and the Gaming Industry.

We will make it Much Better, Easier & More exciting and Fun for the average Casual player who is not a Pro/Full-Time Gamer.

Where all of our customers will have a chance to win real easy Cash at our "Bracket’s Game Tournaments" held daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Plus our Annual eSports "Finals Show Down / Grand Finale" Games held every year in December. GOD Willing starting in mid 2023 and beyond.

1) Our present team are all Creative Business People, we are Disruptors, Visionaries and Innovators not engineers.

2) We need more Capital and Financing to hire the smart talented top engineers, designers and developers.

3) We need more Capital and Financing to hire a great Marketing team.

1) Payment: Paid Subscription and Premium games
2) App / Gaming Licensing
3) Merch Purchases
4) Advertisement: Freemium Game Apps / Free Game Apps (through in-App Micro-Transactions and in-App Purchases) 

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